Monday, 4 August 2008

Becoming a Fighter!

In our series on the God of the generations we have begun to explore the next phase of spiritual development; ‘Young Men’.

Like the little children in 1Jn 2.12-13 John also draws our attention to two things. One is in relationship to God and the other in relationship to the enemy. In relationship to God these young men are strong and the word of God dwells in them. Their strength comes out of the word.

The Psalmist asks the question, ‘How can a young man cleanse his way?’ Ps 119.9. He then gives the answer, ‘By taking heed to your word’. This is not a casual relationship to the word. The whole Psalm is one of love and commitment to knowing, understanding and living by the Word. It is summarised in Ps 119.11 by this statement, ‘Your word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you’.

When his word finds a place in our hearts it gives us spiritual authority. This is John’s second point. We have overcome the wicked one. We do this because Jesus has overcome the enemy. As we walk in His word we effectively release the authority of his life against the adversary. Jesus quoted scripture to overcome satan in Matt 4.4. This trial in the wilderness was when Jesus was most vulnerable, but He shows us how to overcome even in our weakness, through the word of God.

The enemy then began to use scripture by taking it out of context to manipulate Jesus into acting presumptuously. But Jesus understood the whole council of God’s word – it is written again... Our effectiveness in warfare will ultimately depend on our commitment to seek and live by the whole counsel of God, Acts 20.27.

We must grow and mature to become Warriors in the Army of God. It means daring to fight – but not in our own strength. Each time we make God’s word a part of our experience by living it and doing it – we are allowing the word to ‘abide’ in us. And as we live in this victory we declare to the world the reality and transforming power of our risen Lord.

I pray that this week we are victorious in engaging the enemy through the strength of God’s word – in us.